How Digital Marketing Helps Startups

Every day new brands are launched and the competition for the same has been increased now. To beat the competition, young startups have to choose multiple ways to sustain themselves in the market. Don't you think the time has changed a lot? For consuming information, advertisements, and news people used to rely on older methods like TV, Newspapers, and Books.

But now in the digital era, everything has been changed. We are depending on digital things because most things can be done online with a single click. That's the reason we should shift from older methods to new methods.

Digital marketing is a great way to help startups. This can be done at a much lower price compared to the traditional methods. Print media and news ads cost millions of dollars while digital marketing costs less than that. Blogs and social media increase brands' reach and connect to lots of people.

Digital marketing can control the strategy and customers' behaviors, and the main benefit is that you can categorize the customers, so we do not spend a single dollar on the wrong customer.

Reasons to use Digital Marketing for Startups

1. Brand Awareness

Digital marketing increases brand awareness through different channels like social media, blogs, and paid ads. Your digital presence on the web provides you with the opportunity, to engage with the customers. These things increase your brand value in an exponential manner.

2. Customer Engagement

Digital marketing helps to engage with the customers. This also controls your audience and helps to target the right audience. In the traditional methods, we do not have the right to control the audience but in digital marketing, you can control your audience and target it geographically, by age, or by gender which helps to improve the sales.

3. Increase Visibility

As a young startup digital marketing helps to increase the presence of your company on the web through blogs, and social media. When you run the campaign new customers try to know your brand. This campaign helps to attract a new audience. Further, it helps you to increase your brand's visibility on the web and this will grow the business in an exponential way in the long run.

4. Boost Conversion

Customer data is very important to understand the behavior of your target audience. The right information can grow sales faster than any other method. When you run a campaign through paid ads so by the use of the correct data you can boost the sales quickly.

5. Cost-Efficient

A young entrepreneur or small startup owner, they do not have the initial capital compared to a large business. So for people like this digital marketing is the tool to start your business because it is cheap compared to traditional marketing.

6. Influence People to Purchase   

A new tactic of digital marketing is Influence Marketing. This is too a cost-effective and good approach to engage with the audience. Collaboration with social media influencers helps to spread brand awareness. And also tries to increase the sales of your product by providing genuine information about the product by influencers.

7. ROI Tracking 

In traditional marketing, you do not have a right to customize the plan again and you can not track the process. While in digital marketing it's super easy to track the return on investment. You can track every single step. For example, suppose you have launched the campaign and it's in loss then you can track the process and redesign it within some time.

After getting all this information if you are still in doubt that digital marketing will work for you or not then let's see the comparison between the traditional market and the digital market.

1. Newspaper or tv ads cost where 2000$ to 500000$

2. While in DigiTAL Marketing PPC ads are 200-450$, blog writing is 20-30 $, SEO requires 1000$ approx, paid ads minimum 500$ so this is less costly than the traditional market.

These are the important factors you need to know while starting your startup. In a recent survey, it has been found that 17% of startup fails due to marketing strategy. They do not market the strategy correctly and rely on the traditional methods. Here digital marketing plays a very important role and we think it should be a core part of business as it has its own benefits. This can control the market audience according to your business. Also if it reaches new customers, it generates leads and converts them quickly which is very important for the business.

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